Be Sexy. Be strong. be you.

    Wanida’s pole style is all about freedom of expression, sensuality, and confidence. While she loves to do fancy tricks and spins, Wanida finds the beauty of pole in each individual’s own expression and personality. Many of her classes focus on helping students find their own inner voice and learning how to express it. She hopes to help students feel empowered and confident in their own body and mind. She wants to help students create better body and mind awareness and find comfort in their own sensuality and soul. She aims to give students a safe place to explore and be themselves with no judgement so that they can lead a more authentic life both on and off the pole.

    Wanida started pole in January of 2014 and began teaching in January 2015. She had always been drawn to dance and sensual movement, and dabbled in gymnastics as a kid (the uneven bars being her favorite). Her favorite thing about pole is the freedom, strength, and confidence it has given her. Having lost her childhood best friend to complications from bulimia 10 years ago, she has wanted to help other women realize the beauty within themselves just as they are and to help them find their own strength and courage to truly be themselves in a world that is constantly trying to tell you that you aren’t good enough. What she loves about pole is the community of supportive women that help you see your greatness, especially when you’re unable to see it yourself. Her favorite tricks are superman, butterfly, and hair flips. 

    Wanida also manages Be Studios so you will frequently see her at the front desk. Her biggest passion is pole, the studio, and it’s community of members. Outside of the studio, she also teaches yoga and meditation. She has the cutest little dog, Oliver. She loves to be outside, do pilates, go shopping, and eat lots of Thai food.

wanida joy