Be Sexy. Be strong. be you.

rachel ANNE

    Rachel’s pole style is all about being yourself and being unique, her style can’t be defined. She states it as “nobody puts baby in a corner…. or a box.” She started doing pole in October of 2015 and just started teaching in January 2017. She wants her students to feel encouraged, empowered, and confident while giving them a space to be authentic.

    Rachel started doing pole because she wanted to try something new and empowering. She had found a Groupon online and was intrigued, even though she had never heard of it or considered trying it. She brought a few friends with her to her first class and was immediately hooked.  Her favorite thing about pole is the supportive community and the therapy of dance. The support the she has found in the pole community is like nothing she’s ever experienced before. So many groups and communities claim to be made up of people who are supportive, but the pole community is the first that she found to be completely true. There’s a lack of pretense and raw openness that is incredibly therapeutic and refreshing. She hopes to give this same experience to her students. 

    Outside of Be Studios Rachel spends her time playing soccer, knitting, and crafting. She strives to learn as much as she can about herself and life while continuing to grow to her fullest potential both on and off the pole.