Pole Fitness Classes

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The Pole Fitness classes use Pilates as a warm up to improve ones flexibility and core strength, the remainder of the class is used to instruct students on specific pole tricks. Pole tricks and spins can be compared to acrobatics done vertically with the pole as a prop. This technique is an excellent way to build upper body strength along with a full body core workout. Classes are offered at beginner, intermediate and advance levels.

The Stylized dance class offered is called Pole Passion, and it focuses on choreographed sensual movements with or without the pole. Learning how your spine, hips, arms, fingertips and ones own personal attitude can combine together and create a powerful dance of self expression and liberation. 

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CLASS SCHEDULE for days and times for our classes. See our CLASS DESCRIPTIONS for in details and what to expect from each class. And meet our INSTRUCTORS to get to know who will be teaching you the art of pole fitness and dance. 

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