Be Sexy. Be strong. be you.

pole photography

In our photoshoot sessions you will embrace your unique sensuality and inner beauty that will shine through naturally. With various use of props and fabrics, light and shadows, you and I will create a set of images that speak to you and your soul. We are all unique and each of us carry with us our own beauty. Be your own kind of beautiful!

We only book pole photoshoots at this time in the studio. No experience necessary for pole shoots. There are many beautiful poses you can do on and around the pole. However, if you would like to do a non-pole shoot (not in the pole studio) you can contact
Cristina Romanello directly to set up an appointment. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for editing. Each image is carefully selected and edited to fit the emotion of the photo. There will be color and black/white photos at the discretion of the artist to fit the mood of the overall shoot.

Call today to book your appointment !  (216) 227-9710

​Be Sexy. Be Strong. Be You.