Nicole’s pole style is a little bit of everything. It’s hard for her to commit to one specific style. She started doing pole about 3-4 years ago and has been teaching for over a year. She wants her students to feel confident to try anything and have a good foundation to progress through pole at a safe pace. 

    Nicole danced ballet for 13 years when she was younger and had to quit because she couldn’t afford it. Quitting such a huge passion of hers left her feeling empty and when she found pole it filled the void. She always wanted to teach dance and taking a pole class allowed her to fulfill that dream in a way she had not imagined. What she loves about pole is how it has let her truly be herself, to be the most fearless person she can be not only in dance but in all aspects of her life. Her favorite tricks are the ballerina spin, butterfly, and one arm spins.

    Outside of pole she has 11-12 years of healthcare experience working as a medical assistant and now she teaches it. She has grown up in Cleveland and absolutely loves everything about this city. She’s married and has 1 daughter and a dog. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and enjoying live music.

Nicole pfenning

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