mike majer

     The strange hand of fate landed Mike into the Pole classroom and now, 2 years later, he is here to teach others the same tricks that got him addicted to Pole.

    After being cast in a show as a character with some Pole skills, Mike took a class thinking that he could quickly learn a few tricks to impress the crowd. Well, they didn’t use a pole in the production, but Mike was hooked. For the past 2 years he has been working on perfecting a Flagpole deadlift into the Brass Monkey. It’s getting there. Mike fell in love with atmosphere of the studio as well as those moments where you finally nail that move that you have been working on for months. 

    Mike is a frequent performer with the North Coast Men’s Chorus and has performed around Cleveland at Convergence-Continuum, Beck Center, Cassidy Theatre, Weathervane Playhouse, Workshop Players, and Huntington Playhouse. Some of his recent roles in shows include: Joe Hardy in “Hardy Boys and the Secret of the Old Queen”, Mitch Maypole in “Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens”, The Bird Statue in “Map of Virtue”, Nathan Leopold in “Thrill Me”, John Quincy Adams in “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson”, and many more! 

Be Sexy. Be strong. be you.