Be Sexy. Be strong. be you.

megan lee

    Megan’s pole style is based mainly around gymnastic style acrobatics, with plenty of strength and power tricks; But she also secretly loves an aggressive sexy style every once in a while. Fast spins and dubstep is sexy in it’s own way. She started pole in July of 2015 (July 13th to be exact). She’s been teaching since March of 2016. She wants to give her students a fun, casual environment while consistently pushing them to improve. She wants all her students to revel in the little victories, but also strive for their next triumph.

    Megan wanted to start pole because no other workout she ever tried stuck beyond a month or two. The gym was boring. She had so much energy and she loved being mobile. It was the sport that made it for her. Her favorite thing about pole is how symbiotic the relationship is. She wants to pole every day. It’s almost like lust, except without the heartbreak. Her favorite tricks are handsprings, anything in a scorpio, and body flares. 

    Outside of Be Studios Megan is a writer. Writing is her first and most powerful love. She mostly writes psychological horror poetry and short stories. Megan has seven cats and a wonderful long-term boyfriend and an awesome mom. She’s a strong Christian who thanks God everyday for being blessed with so many people who love her.