Be Sexy. Be strong. be you.

    Linda teaches classical pilates with a kick. She specializes in pilates mat, pilates reformer and wunda chair. She hopes to give her students better awareness of the body, alignment, and connection of body, mind, breath, and spirit. She hopes that students find the exercise fun, and to realize every day of life is a precious gift from God. Be joyful and positive and share the love. 

    Linda has been doing pilates for about 25 years and has 20 years of teaching experience. She became certified in 1999 for pilates and gyrotonics. She has done numerous seminars with pilates legends such as Ivan Dahl, Jullian Littleford, Troy McCarty, Matt Aurorsa, Ann McMillan, Mary Bowan, Michelle Larson, and Sunday Homitz. She previously taught at White Cloud Studios and retired in 2014. She came out of retirement in 2016 to teach at Be Studios. Her favorite thing about pilates is that you can do it if you are 8 years old or 88 years old with or without injuries. She became interested in teaching when she was a substitute instructor for a pilates teacher off on medical leave. She realized then how much she could help others with physical issues. She believes that pilates is a great compliment to other fitness programs. It combines yoga, skating, dance, rowing, spinning, and body movements such as jumping, marching, kicking, squatting, and twisting. She feels truly blessed that for 40 years, her life’s work has always been her passion.

    Linda previously owned a dance and gymnastics studio. She was a dance teacher and choreographer at the Strongsville Performing Arts Center. She was a professional dancer showgirl at the MGM Grand Reno for “Hello Hollywood Hello”, MGM Grand Vegas “Jubilee”, and Stardust Vegas “Lido de Paris”. She did dance fashion modeling for “Mr Blackwell” and MGM Grand Hotels. She attended Tri-C West, Baldin Wallace and UNLV for dance, music, and production.

    Outside of Be Studios and pilates, Linda is in a Christian Bible Study. She has two black cats named Lola and Lulu. She practices yoga and tap dances. She also loves the TV Show “Dancing with the Stars”.

linda manke