Fleur De Femme Evolution / Integrated Series, Level 1

February 18th-April 8th

Week 1 - Body Breathe and Soul: Finding Your Inner Truth
Week 2-5 - Sacred Sensual Self 
Week 6 - Self Love Photography 
Week 7 - Looking Inward with Reflective Movement.
Week 8 - Performance and Reflection.

Body, Breath & Soul Level 1 Description

Body, Breath and Soul is about creating a sacred space to express yourself through journaling, breath & movement, meditation, and spiritual connection.

It’s about finding your truth by looking inward, peeling away the layers, and finding your true essence.

    This will include creating sacred space with personal items which are meaningful to you.

Fill your space with a meaningful quote or a poem, and any other items that uplift your spirit, such as a rock, crystal or a feather.

    When we sit with ourself and create space either with morning rituals of prayer, meditation or dance, we allow ourself to be free from the ego.

When we connect the heart and mind with our true essence, a deep union of spirit can blossom.

 Sacred Sensual Self Level 1 Description

Sacred Sensual Self is about re-claiming your sensual self by integrating and healing your sensuality as part of your soul,

choreographing your loving being through body awareness, self expression, movement and feminine empowerment.

 The instructor will lead you through meditative flow along with learned sensual movements and

rhythmic sequences that allows you to hold your power space with confidence.

Sensual Flow Technique or movement taps into your relationship with yourself and your body image.

You will experiment with how your body moves with or against something, when to soften, when to stop, when to move rapidly, back slowly etc.,

all the nuances can be symbolic and wildly liberating.

Self Love Photography Series Level 1 Description

    Our goal with our Self-Love photography is for one to experience a sense of liberation through the lens.

We wish for all to feel beautiful in their own skin and restore a positive body image.
The idea is to improve self-confidence and allow yourself to be vulnerable through the transformative study.

To find beauty in the attention given as the photographer as well as the subject.

    By being both the model and artist/photographer you will begin to see the photos as a work of art,

the body as a landscape to be accepted and cherished.
    It will be broken down into two sections with partners of two.

    You will be asked to explore the space with your partner for the individual photo shoots. 
You will be supported throughout the creative with experience, suggestions and guidance offered.

1- Will experience what it is to be the subject (model)
2- Will experience what is is to be the artist/photographer or observer of beauty.

The 2 hour session will be exploration and a communal experience.

The following weeks 30 min session, will be solo and held privately in the studio for you to create your self-portraits, through mirroring and capturing your reflection on film.
    There is something very personal and therapeutic in finding your own beauty, as well when witnessing the journey of another.

We have found the photo shoots to be personally transformative, liberating and promoting of self love.

*You will each receive a USB of your edited images.
Please wear all black. Sports bra, booty shorts ( or full back panties), tank top. You can bring one of each if you like.


Paid in Full - Members $300 / Non-Members $350

Paid in 2 Installments - Members $175 each installment / Non-Members $200 each installment

“When I dance, I dance also in my mind, I let the flow lead me.  This improvisation is the ultimate freedom in self expression. Embracing how your body moves and how it responds to different textures, temperatures, thoughts enhances self-awareness. By allowing yourself to be vulnerable within the sequences and letting them become part of your soul -as your natural rhythm -will promote clarity and self-love”. Spirit of Fleur De Femme/Christina

Fleur de femme integrated series:


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