jonathan williams

    Jonathan’s pole style primarily consists of strength and power moves with the occasional flexy poses. Jonathan’s been poling since March of 2015 and started teaching a year later in March of 2016. He wants each student to leave every his class feeling accomplished. He wants every student to feel that they have learned something new, improved a trick, or simply feels accomplished by showing up and working towards a goal. 

    Jonathan became interested in pole because he had been doing aerial silks for a while and was ready too try something new. He’d only heard great things about it and once he tried it, he was immediately in love. His favorite part of pole is noticing his progress both in himself and in his students. He believes that it’s always amazing to compare videos from the past with his current abilities. His favorite tricks change periodically, but right now he’s particularly interested in power spins.

    Outside of Be Studios, Jonathan is mostly interested in music. He signs, plays the guitar, piano, and trombone. He also teaches the guitar, piano, and ukulele and is currently learning the saxophone and violin. 

Be Sexy. Be strong. be you.