Be Sexy. Be strong. be you.

    Janice’s pole style is focused on strength and tricks. She started doing pole 3 years ago in April of 2014 and has been teaching for 1 year. She started pole about six months after she lost her eight-year-old son due to complications from cerebral palsy. It was the start of the healing process for her. After spending months in bed unable to function, she doesn’t know what motivated her to try pole but she did. It was the first hour in six months that she was not lost in grief because she had to focus so hard on what she was doing that she couldn’t think about her loss. Little by little, pole strengthened her physically and mentally. She hopes to give her students that same sense of empowerment, confidence, and an inner strength that will carry people through hard times. 

    What Janice loves about pole is the strength our our community and friendships. Her favorite part of pole is the strength that she has gained both physically and mentally. Her favorite tricks are jade, shooting star, and the holly drop.

    Outside of Be Studios, Janice loves to run and travel. She is an avid runner and has participated in a few triathlons and marathons. She also loves to spend time with her husband and beautiful children.

Janice Spicuzza