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irina rom

    Irina loves power moves and static pole. Recently she’s been getting more into exotic pole as well. She came to her first class after having been convinced by a friend and fell in love with pole immediately. She’s been doing pole off and on for 4 years and has gained more interest over the past couple of years and pushed herself to grow and improve. She’s been teaching for 2 years and wants her students to be able to execute moves with no confusion. She loves teaching beginners because she loves to see them nail the moves and the excitement on their faces. Irina loves pole because it is so diverse. There are so many styles and there is no ceiling. You can improve and continue to grow as much as you want to. Her favorite moves are handsprings, handstands and split moves.

    Outside of pole she also loves lyra (aerial hoop), working out and relaxing when she can. She is a RN at the Cleveland Clinic on a pulmonary/cardiac floor.