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Infrared Sauna Pricing

30 Minute Sitting - $25

60 Minute Sitting - $30

6- 30 Minute Sitting Package - $125

6- 60 Minute Sitting Package - $150

Add on to class discount 

30 Minute Sitting - $20

60 Minute Sitting - $25

*Packages expire within 90 days

*Appointment required for all sauna sittings

Infrared light, as radiated by the Sun, lies between the Visible and Microwave sectors of the electromagnetic spectrum.

In an infrared sauna, the infrared heater produces radiant energy, which is the same as the heat from the sun, only without the harmful ultraviolet rays. The experience of a far infrared sauna is similar to sunbathing, which gives you the radiant heat that is all your own. The far infrared heat penetrates your skin, giving you that wonderful natural warmth. Unlike sunbathing, Infrared heat therapy is completely healthy and safe. You can relax in a far infrared sauna and it will never cause your skin to burn. Far infrared heat is completely healthy and safe for all living things. 

Infrared Sauna Benefits

  • Detoxification and Body Cleansing
  • Weight Loss
  • Pain and Arthritis Relief
  • Skin Purification
  • Cardiovascular Workout
  • Lower Blood Pressure and Improved Circulation

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