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fleUr de femme

A movement for the empowerment of women.


Fleur de Femme's mission is to foster positive transformation in women via physical and interpersonal strength through body awareness, self-expression and feminine empowerment. 

Our vision is for women to feel comfortable and confident in their expression via voice, art and dance. Physically owning what they say and unapologetic about who they are. Freeing themselves to self-actualize.

DANCE VARIATION - Workshops and classes are being created that will strengthen body awareness and physical technique. These dance classes will include - contemporary movements, stylized sensual movements as well as traditional methods to provide a strong base for the dances to explore and better express their natual rhythms freely.

DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY - Students will learn a variety of techniques within the realm of dance and choreography. They will learn how to both freestyle their pieces as well as learning how to build their own thought out and directed dance routine. OVERALL learning about musically and flow of movement.

PHOTOGRAPHY SERIES - Learning about the body and lines through both being the photographer and then experience the work by being the model.

JOURNALIZING AND VISION BOARDS - Journalizing ones personal experience with being a part of the FLEUR DE FEMME program. One will document their progress during classes and to express their personal feelings as they come up. This will be done both on paper and as personal video diaries.

Vision Board meetings will be held periodically throughout the year. Vision boards are created by cutting out images in magazines and putting them on a board in a thought out or intuitive manner. By doing this as a meditative exercise it is believed to draw into your life what you desire. The finished boards are there as a daily reminder and force with creativing goals and seeing them come to fruition.

PERFORMACES AND ART SHOWS - We will continue to put on seasonal dance showcases and art openings. This will keep intact the intention of FLEUR DE FEMME mission. We will provide a space for our students, teachers and the community to come together in support of free expression via dance and art. Empowering ourselves together.


Be Sexy. Be strong. be you.