erin williams

Be Sexy. Be strong. be you.

Erin doesn’t like to label her pole style but if she had to she’d call it sassy — a little too awkward to say it sexy, but her playful/flirty side definitely comes through. She tends to incorporate more strength based tricks, but she’s also been working on adding more fluidity to her movements as it doesn’t come naturally for her. 

    Erin believes that exercise should be FUN and she likes to bring that energy to her classes. We each have our own unique abilities and strengths and she tries to nourish that in her students. She hopes that her students leave class feeling empowered to pursue their goals on and off the pole. She fell in love with pole because the only wrong way to pole dance is to do something that leads to injury; otherwise, you can just relax and experiment with different movements until you find your own flow. With regard to tricks, she enjoys the sense of accomplishment that she gets from progressing from barely being able to get into a new move to mastering it. Her absolute favorite trick is Superman, but she is also a huge fan of Gemini and Scorpio leg hangs (inside and outside leg hands), as well as the Peter Pan. 

    Erin has been a pole student for about 3.5 years. She started teaching pole in May of 2017, but is an ACE certified group fitness instructor and has specialty certifications in FXP Hula Hoop and POUND which she has been teaching since 2015. Erin started her fitness journey by taking Zumba classes. She had read research studies suggesting that physical activity can be therapeutic and wanted something to help her deal with some of the emotional baggage that came with her divorce. After about a year of taking Zumba, she learned about pole fitness and was instantly attracted to it because it was so different from anything else she she would normally do. Shortly thereafter, she saw the Be Studios Groupon in an email and decided to take the plunge. It was one of the best decisions she’s made because she’s been hooked ever since. She’s always been kind of quiet and reserved, but pole has emboldened her to step outside of her comfort zone so that she can continue to evolve and grow as a person. She’s definitely an introvert at heart, but she’s now much more comfortable letting other faces of her personality shine through.

    Outside of pole Erin enjoys reading and spending time with family and friends. She’s also a closet Candy Crush addict — the Soda Saga version, not the original. She’s on level 1229.