Emily loves all aspects of aerial dance, but when it comes to choreography she prefers to keep it slightly more aggressive. She likes fast pace, high silk climbing with dramatic drops. She loves aerial silks because of the endless possibilities that they provide to express yourself. You can be great at floor work and incorporate a lot of your routine as that. Or you can be awful at floor work and focus more on in the air moves. Your dance can reflect ballet style routine or a more aggressive routine. The creative they allow is endless!

    Emily started doing aerial silks as a fun easy way to work out because she hated to go to the gym. She had no idea how much of it would become a part of her life! She has been doing aerial silks for 5 years and teaching for almost 2 years. She hopes that her students gain the tools they need to open up their creativity and find their own style of dance, while also pushing their limits and helping them conquer routines and transitions that they may not master right away. As for herself, she prefers does that are strengthening. Anything that she can’t get not he first try and actually require her to work towards.

    Outside of aerial silks, she loves her pets and rescuing fur babies. She likes to ride her motorcycle and she also has three kids who take up most of her time. They spend their weekends camping, fishing, and boating. She has a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Cleveland State and really just loves anything science related.

Emily griffith

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