Be Sexy. Be strong. be you.

chanda stewart

Chanda’s pole style is all about being sensual. Her classes and parties are all about helping everyone feel sexy and like they are the fiercest female on the planet. She likes to bring out the inner Beyonce in her classes. She started doing pole as a way to escape thinking about her ex and also a way to get into better shape. It’s helped her control her stress levels and overcome the emotions of a breakup.

    Chanda started doing pole in St. Louis 2011 and started teaching chair dance, twerk and pole parties since 2012. Her favorite thing about pole is the freedom of feeling sexy and strong simultaneously. You can slow it down and do slinky floor work, or bust out an intense invert. Her favorite trick is the figurehead and wrist sit. 

    Outside of pole she is an Aerospace Engineer and is interested in all things space, aircraft and physics. According to Chanda, she is a true nerd.