Be Studios

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Fitness Schedule

Pole Beginner level 1: 5-6pm
Pole Beginner Level 2: 6-7pm
Power Pole: 7-8pm
Pole Passion: 8-9pm
Twerk Class: 8-9pm(studio 2)

Mixed Level Pole: 12-1pm
Power Pole: 6-7pm
Pole Passion: 7-8pm

Pole Beginner Level 2: 5-6pm
Mixed Level Pole: 6-7pm
Mixed Level Pole: 7-8pm
Sexy Class: 8-9pm

Mixed Level Pole: 10-11am
Pole Beginner Level 2: 5-6pm
Mixed Level Pole: 6-7pm
Mixed Level Pole: 7-8pm
Twerk Class: 6-7pm
Pilates Mat: 7-8pm

Mixed Level Pole: 5-6pm
Pole Beginner Level 1: 6-7pm

Pole Yoga Flow: 10-11am
Power Pole: 11am-12pm
Power Pole: 12-1pm

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Pricing & Packages

Pay per class $20


5 classes for $85 (expires in 90 days)

with any scheduled party "your" portion is free

Monthy Memberships

Be Sexy package- $59 per month

1 class per week 

with any scheduled party "your" portion is free

Be Strong Package - $99 per month

2 classes per week, 1 open pole practice/wk

with any scheduled party "your" portion is free

10% off specified workshops or class series

10% off Spa Services

Be You Package - $129 per month

Unlimited classes, unlimited pole practice

with any scheduled party "your" portion is free

20% off specified workshops or class series

20% off spa services 

Pole Rental

Rent a 8ft free standing pole with stage for your events 

One night rental: $75

Two night rental: $100

Deposit required

Party Information

The parties are typically 1-2 hours in length & are tailored to the desires of the host.They combine the art of pole dancing &the mastering of sexy styling, which include working your walk, floor & chair. Guests are able to bring drinks of their choice & light food is desired. You can come dressed up or casually comfortable, heels & cameras are welcomed.  We supply cups, plates,etc. Everyone is responsible to pay, regardless if you are participating or not.Have a party to celebrate "Girls Night Out", Bachelorette Party or Birthdays $25-35 a person depending on the amount of guests & length of party.3-10 participants /$35 per person   11-20/ $30 per person  21+ $25 per person* If you desire additional time for either a Toy Party or Male Dancer-this is also an option for you.  Please speak to us for details.

​This party is the above party  with an included mini photo shoot as an add on for $25 per person.  You can have a one hour pole party for typically $25 per person or a 1.5 hr/2hr pole dance party for $35-$25 per person and then the photo shoot (time varies for photo shoot, depending on amount of participants. This is not a private photo shoot.  Each person will receive 2 artistically edited photos of themselves plus a group picture, which will be given to each individual via email within 7 business days. (rates for 1hr pole party:  $25/per person rates for 1.5-2hr party 3-10 people $35/per person, over 10 people $30/per , over 20 is $25/per.)

 You are responsible for the full price & timing of your party.  **If you put down a 50% deposit based off the minimum amount of guests you set, this will be what you need to pay regardless if a lesser amount show.  Any additional guests will pay after the party is over.  THIS DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE.** The host of the party will be responsible to collect from their guests prior to the party (50% or 100% if desired).  Be Studios will help with this aspect of your party, to further explain & give advice on best methods to organize this.